Abbas III.

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Abbas III. ( listen ? / i PersianAudio file / audio sample شاه عباس سوم; * 1731 ; † 1740 in Sabzevar ) was a ruler from the Safavid dynasty and ruled from 1732 to 1736. In fact, the dynasty had no power since 1722 and its members ruled as shadow kings. After his father Tahmasp II had been deposed by his general Nader Khan in 1732, Abbas, who was only eight months old, was appointed the new king on September 7, 1732. Only a few years later, on March 8, 1736, he was replaced by Nader Khan himself, who from then on called himself Nader Shah. When rumors spread about the death of Nader Shah on his Indian campaign in 1740, his son Reza Quli Mirza left both Tahmasp II and Abbas III. kill. This was to prevent the Safavids from seizing power again. After Nader Shah's death (1747) came with Suleiman II and Ismail III. - even if only nominally - the Safavids returned to power as kings.