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Process sections in process planning and work organization are those parts of the work process that are related to each other in a specific sequence and serve to fulfill a work task .


In industry and administration , which is based on the division of labor, a task usually consists of several sequences that represent the parts of a workflow. These sequences can be carried out by one worker at one workstation , but also by several workers at several workstations. The recording of a booking receipt consists of three process steps, namely recording receipts and sorting them according to type of receipt, checking receipts for factual correctness and recording the receipts in the booking system .


Just as there are different types of work plans for different purposes, these are also available with different levels of detail with regard to the process sections described there. Depending on the specification of the production planning , the selected process principle and the production type , different levels of detail are useful and necessary. At REFA , the structural levels of the process sections are divided into "overall process", "partial process", "process stage", "process", "partial process", "process stage" and "process element". The systems of predetermined times (SvZ) are based on process elements.

The duration of a process section is called the individual time . It results from the difference between the progress time at the end of the process section and that at the end of the previous section:


All the individual times of a process section add up to the total time required to complete the work task. The measurement of the individual times is the task of a REFA time study .

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