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Various warning boards

A warning board is a traffic sign and barrier device that is used to secure a job or an accident site. It makes road users aware of the danger zone and directs them to a neighboring lane . A warning device with a display of the changed traffic routing and a speed limit can be used to inform road users in good time about a warning sign.

Together with a trailer , the warning board forms a so-called safety trailer (technically also known as a mobile warning board) that can be moved quickly. This property also makes it possible to use it on mobile construction sites (maintenance measures, green and woodland care ). To reduce the effects of a rear-end collision on the safety trailer , a crash cushion can be fitted.

Truck with warning board and impact absorber in Switzerland

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Norms and standards

  • RVS 05.05.40 ff. - Construction site protection
  • SN 640 885c - Signalization of construction sites on motorways and motorways