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The washing-up boy in the pub, Jean Siméon Chardin , around 1738
Modern restaurant sink
Washing up on the banks of the Niger
Man washing dishes

When washing dishes or doing the dishes do , even washing up or rinsing is defined as the cleaning of eating and cooking utensils , cutlery , pots , pans and the like.

Washing up refers to the cleaning of the items to be washed with the help of a dishwashing sponge and detergent with mostly hot water in the sink or running water. The term can also subsequent drying of the cleaned items to be washed using a dishwashing cloth include.

Food and drink residues that are not rinsed off early can dry out and are then difficult to remove.

Since the establishment of the dishwasher in the 1960s, washing up by hand is less common in industrialized countries. Before the triumphant advance of the dishwasher, washing up was considered a prime example of an unqualified, lowly job: “ From dishwasher to millionaire ” is a popular word to describe a picture book career that started from scratch.

In Austria , the term “washing up” is also used for sinks .

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