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Acoustic Player is a German-language workshop magazine for topics related to the acoustic guitar .


The first issue of the magazine was published in January 2011 by Peter Finger and his publisher and record label Acoustic Music Records as editor. The magazine has been published every three months since then. The editor-in-chief is the guitarist Andreas Schulz, who is also responsible as editor-in-chief for the magazine Akustik Guitar .

Editing and publishing

The Acoustic Player is published by Acoustic Music GmbH & Co. KG. Its managing director is Peter Finger. In addition to editor-in-chief Andreas Schulz, the current employees are guitarists Peter Autschbach , Peter Finger, Jens Filser, Dave Goodman, Jens Kommnick , Markus Segschneider and Markus Wienstroer .


The Acoustic Player is a pure workshop magazine without editorial contributions such as interviews, stories or test reports about equipment. The authors explain techniques of the acoustic guitar and their implementation in a video. There are fixed categories: Hot Lick (Andreas Schulz), Blues (Dave Goodman), Guitar Hero (Peter Autschbach), Fingerstyle Basics (Jens Kommnick), Fingerstyle Advanced (Peter Finger), Fingerstyle Modern (Markus Segschneider), Open Stage ( Andreas Schulz), song accompaniment (Jens Filser), acoustic rock (Peter Autschbach), jazz (Andreas Schulz), strumming basics (Markus Wienstroer) and acoustic lead (Andreas Schulz). In each issue, a selected song is dealt with under the heading "Classic Song", depending on the author. Acoustic Player's guest lecturers include guitarists such as Tommy Emmanuel , Andy McKee , Pierre Bensusan , Stoppok and Preston Reed .

DVD, multimedia

A DVD is included with the magazine . In the early years of the Acoustic Player's appearance, the DVD was the only medium on which the workshop videos could be seen. Since 2017, subscribers have also been able to access the videos online on the magazine's homepage.

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