Administrator (role)

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An administrator (short: “Admin”, also sysop for system operator ) is a special role of a user in operating systems , networks , application programs , mailboxes , mailing lists or websites such as discussion forums , wikis and similar collaborative websites.

An administrator has extended user rights to carry out special tasks - mainly the administration and, depending on the method, some of the editing of content - and to enforce the respective usage guidelines .

In websites such as forums, for example, he has the right to delete and edit posts, to update to a new version of the forum software used ( e.g. vBulletin , WoltLab Burning Board , phpBB or MyBB ) and to block users .

Unlike system administrators , who typically use a root account in operating systems such as Linux , as well as network administrators who are responsible for the administration and support of networks , administrators in forums, wikis and collaborative networks usually have no technical tasks, but their job description is similar the tasks of a moderator .

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