Adolf Warchalowski

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Adolf Warchalowski before the start

Adolf Warchalowski (born May 22, 1886 in Vienna , † May 22, 1928 in Vienna ) was an Austrian aviation pioneer and industrialist.

Warchalowski was the holder of the first pilot's diploma awarded by the Austrian Aero Club . In January 1910 he brought a Farman double-decker from Paris to Wiener Neustadt . He improved this model, called it Warchalowski "Vindobona" ​​and set with it on October 30, 1911 the world record for continuous flight performance with three passengers with a flight time of 45 minutes 46 seconds.

After the Second World War, the Warchalowski company produced tractors from 1956 to 1970. In 1962, Warchalowskigasse in Vienna- Donaustadt (22nd district) was named after Adolf Warchalowski.

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