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Warchalowski was an Austrian manufacturer of small tractors based in Vienna .


Jakob Warchalowski laid the foundation for the company in 1858 with the company Maschinenfabrik J. Warchalowski . After the introduction of the internal combustion engine , he recognized the importance of this invention and began to manufacture engines himself. Its stationary engines were sold throughout Austria-Hungary .

Warchalowski's sons expanded the business, developed numerous patents and entered into business relations with Werner & Pfleiderer . In 1913 August Warchalowski founded the industrial works Warchalowski, Eissler & Co , which soon employed 2,000 people. The company manufactured Hiero aircraft engines under license during World War I. From 1918 to the 1930s, the company produced the air-cooled two-cylinder aircraft engine Hiero T. During this time, the production of some rail vehicles with internal combustion engines also fell. B. the 2021 / s for the BBÖ, a combustion railcar for the Zillertalbahn and a tower car for the Viennese electric light rail .

The operating facilities were badly damaged in the Second World War . After the reconstruction, stationary engines were initially produced again before an air-cooled diesel engine was developed, which was built into tractors as standard from 1956. The models initially had an engine output of around 10 kW (14 hp) to 40 kW (50 hp). The products were of high quality, and the two-cylinder engine was particularly valued. Exports went to the USA , the GDR , Brazil and Indochina .

From around 1968 engines from IHC were installed. By 1970 the orders fell, the production of tractors was stopped and the business was sold to Case IH . In later Warchalowski tractors of the DN series, most of the components were bought from foreign companies. Because of the high development costs and the relatively small number of units, operations were discontinued in the 1980s.


Warchalowski engines were also used by other manufacturers in the post-war period. The V- 2-cylinder diesel engines with direct injection were installed in tractors from Lindner , Kirchner and Krasser.

The patented 3-cylinder V-engine was a curiosity . V-engines with an odd number of cylinders were relatively rare.

With the exception of type WT 14, engine hoods made of plastic were used.

The VEB engine plant Cunewalde built the Warchalowski diesel engine under license. A DZK 630 lathe from Maschinenfabrik HEID AG Stockerau with special equipment was manufactured in the 1960s to manufacture the crankshaft .

Historic tractor models

  • Warchalowski WT 14, WT 20, WT 21, WT 25, WT 30, WT 33, WT 38, WT 40, WT 42, WT 44 and WT 50.
  • Tractors with the additional designation A had all-wheel drive. B marked the mountain version with smaller and wider rear wheels that lowered the center of gravity. S stood for the narrow-gauge version.

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