Adoniss tetra

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Adoniss tetra
Sub-cohort : Ostariophysi
Order : Tetras (Characiformes)
Family : African tetras (Alestidae)
Genre : Lepidarchus
Type : Adoniss tetra
Scientific name of the  genus
TR Roberts , 1966
Scientific name of the  species
Lepidarchus adonis
TR Roberts, 1966

The Adonis Tetra ( Lepidarchus adonis ) is one of only two centimeters large freshwater fish from the order of Characins .


Adoniss tetra reach a body length of up to 2 cm. Adoniss tetra show a sexual dimorphism . The males have purple spots on the back of the body and the caudal fin , while the females appear almost transparent.

The Adoniss tetra occurs in small coastal lakes in Ghana and the Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire). It lives in waters that have a slightly acidic pH and water temperatures of 22 to 28 ° C.

Adomiss tetra are peaceful schooling fish, they occur in groups of around 10 animals.

The Adoniss tetra is a typical free-spawner, which means that, in contrast to the foam nest builders or the mouth brooders, it simply releases its eggs into the open water. The larvae hatch after 36 hours, but only swim free after a week.


The Adoniss tetra is so far the only known representative of the genus Lepidarchus . There are two subspecies: Lepidarchus adonis adonis and Lepidarchus adonis signifer .

The Adoniss tetra owes its name on the one hand to its affiliation to the order of the tetra or tetra-like and on the other hand to its graceful appearance. Adonis is Greek, from the Semitic Adon , "lord", and has been the poetic epitome of a handsome man since the 19th century. The scientific generic name is made up of the Greek terms lepis (scale) and archos (anus). In the English-speaking world, the Adoniss tetra is known as Adonis tetra , Adonis charcin , Jellybean tetra or simply Adonis .


The petite animals are perfectly suitable for keeping in aquariums , but should only be kept with similarly small fish. They are among the smallest aquarium fish. In Germany they were first introduced as aquarium fish in 1969. The keeping of the fish is quite demanding, it is not for beginners in the aquarium hobby because it has high demands on the water quality. The Adoniss tetra is mostly found in the lower part of the basin. Adoniss tetra are carnivores . They can be fed with the finest live food, freshly hatched nauplii from brine shrimp , but also with fine flake food.

The breeding of the Adoniss tetra is relatively easy, but brings only a few young fish. For breeding, the water hardness must be further reduced to 2 ° dGH, the water temperature should be between 24 and 26 ° C. The females spawn between the finest possible plants. The young must be fed the finest live food for a week after hatching. The rearing container is to be darkened with the exception of the feeding area.


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