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Rüdiger Knut Riehl (born February 14, 1949 in Gombeth ; † September 27, 2012 in Düsseldorf ) was a German ichthyologist and author.


Rüdiger Riehl graduated from high school in 1967 and then studied biology at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen . In 1976 he received his doctorate there with a dissertation on the formation of the egg ( oogenesis ) and the opening that forms in it for penetrating sperm ( micropyle ) in the indigenous fish species brook loach and gudgeon . Until 1979 Riehl stayed at the Giessen Institute for Zoology. He then worked in the dermatology research group at the Dermatology Clinic at Heidelberg University . From 1982 he conducted research at the Institute for Zoology (Morphology & Cell Biology) at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf . Most recently, he was responsible for large equipment and the organization of the medical internship as an academic senior councilor .

In his scientific publications, Riehl mainly dealt with the formation of fish eggs and their structural variability in real bony fish . Using scanning electron microscopy , he described egg shells and micropyledons in order to use the features found in this way for the development of identification keys, among other things . He was also involved in the first description of some of the species of cichlids found in Lake Malawi, such as Aulonocara steveni , Aulonocara baenschi and Aulonocara stuartgranti .

Riehl was committed to the intersection between scientific fish science and hobby aquaristics . Together with Hartmut Greven , he organized the symposia on the "biology of aquarium fish" that take place every two years in Düsseldorf ( Aquazoo - Löbbecke Museum ). The lectures held there by scientists and breeders were then published collectively by Schmettkamp Verlag.

Together with Hans A. Baensch , Riehl wrote the six-part reference work Aquarium Atlas , which has been reprinted several times and translated into five languages. The first volume appeared in 1982 and deals with around 600 species of ornamental fish, 100 aquatic plants and other aquarium animals. Riehl also published popular science articles in aquarium magazines such as TI magazine . For a time he worked as an editor for the German Cichlid Society .

Riehl was a co-founder and treasurer of the Society for Ichthyology (GfI) for many years . In his honor, the GfI awarded the Rüdiger-Riehl Prize for outstanding achievements by young scientists in the field of ichthyological research.

Publications (selection)

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  • On the oogenesis of the freshwater Teleosteer Noemacheilus barbatulus (L.) and Gobio gobio (L.): light and electron microscopic and histochemical investigations. Dissertation, University of Giessen, 1976.


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