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Aegina is waiting for Zeus, painting by Ferdinand Bol , 17th century, Meiningen museums

Aigina ( Greek  Αἴγινα , Latin Aegina, German also Aegina ) is a naiad from Greek mythology .

Aegina was a daughter of the river god Asopos and his wife Metope . Zeus , the father of gods , kidnapped her, as she was of lovely appearance and character, in the shape of an eagle or transformed into fire to the island of Oinone . Her father was sad. Sisyphus had observed the robbery from Acrocorinth , revealed the secret to his father and was punished by Zeus. Aegina gave birth to Aiakos on the island . The island was later named after Aigina. Furthermore, Aegina begat the Menoitios with Aktor , as Pindar states.



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