Albert (Bredelar)

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Albert was the first abbot of the Bredelar monastery from 1196 .


There is a report that Albert came to Bredelar with five monks from the Hardehausen monastery in 1196 . This agrees with a document from Cologne's Archbishop Adolf I from that year, according to which the previous Augustinian monastery was converted into a Cistercian monastery . However, at the time in question there is no evidence of a monk of this name in Hardehausen.

It can be documented for the first time in 1200, when the abbess Sophia von Böddeken handed over property to the Bredelar monastery. Albert is named as the founder abbot in a document from Bishop Bernhard II of Paderborn in 1201. In this document, the bishop confirms, among other things, the visitation of the monastery and the consecration of the cemetery and the burial place of the Lords of Padberg . A last document mentions him in 1204 in connection with a tithe dispute . It is not known when his abbatiate ended. His successor Dethmar I is first mentioned in 1210.

Individual evidence

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