Alcibiade Béique

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Alcibiade Béique (born October 20, 1856 in Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-Rouville , Québec , † June 20, 1896 in Montréal ) was a Canadian organist and music teacher.

Béique was a student of Romain-Octave Pelletier and then studied at the Liège Conservatory. After traveling through Italy, France and England, he lived in the USA from 1880. In 1885 he returned to Canada and worked as a teacher and from 1886 to 1891 as an organist at the Cathedral of Saint-Hyacinthe .

In 1891 he succeeded Jean-Baptiste Labelle as organist at the Notre-Dame de Montréal basilica . Béique became known as an organ virtuoso as well as an accompanist and improviser. He also taught the organ, piano and harmony at the Académie de musique du Québec . The composer and organist Amédée Tremblay was one of his students .

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