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Aldo Buzzi (born August 10, 1910 in Como , † October 9, 2009 in Milan ) was an Italian author and screenwriter .


Buzzi graduated from the architecture school in Milan in 1938; however, he quickly turned to authorship; In addition to contributions to his main job, he initially mainly dealt with travel and gastronomy . From 1943 he worked as a scene and screenwriter as well as a screenwriter for numerous films; he worked with director Alberto Lattuada for twenty years. In 1955, together with Federico Patellani, he made his only film as a director, the documentary America pagana .

In the 1960s, Buzzi worked primarily as an author for numerous magazines and as a publisher and editor. Various publications appeared from then on under his name. In 2002 he received the Arturo Loria Prize for his stories .

Filmography (selection)

  • 1943: Giacomo l'idealista (screenplay)
  • 1955: America pagana (co-director, documentary)
  • 1961: La steppa (artistic collaboration)


  • 1944: Taccuino dell'aiuto-regista (Hoepli, 1944)
  • 1972: Quando la pantera rugge (All'insegna del Pesce d'Oro)
  • 1974: Piccolo diario americano (All'insegna del Pesce d'Oro)
  • 1979: L'uovo alla kok (Adelphi, 1979)
  • 1984: Andata & ritorno (All'insegna del Pesce d'Oro)
  • 1987: Viaggio in Terra delle mosche e altri viaggi (Scheiwiller)
  • 1991: Cechov a Sondrio. Appunti sulla Russia (Scheiwiller); German 2006: Chekhov and Sondrio
  • 1994: Cechov a Sondrio e altri viaggi (Mondadori)
  • 1995: Stecchini da denti. Appunti di vita, di gastronomia, di viaggio (Mondadori)
  • 2000: La lattuga di Boston. Diario di un attimo (Ponte alle Grazie)
  • 2001: Riflessi e ombre, con Saul Steinberg (Adelphi)
  • 2002: Lettere a Aldo Buzzi 1945-1999, (Ed .: Saul Steinberg (Adelphi))
  • 2006: Un debole per quasi tutto (Ponte alle Grazie)
  • 2006: Parliamo d'altro (Ponte alle Grazie)
  • 2006: You take as you have it: From kitchens and cooks, connoisseurs and commoners (Epoca)

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