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Alexander Rubel (born December 27, 1969 ) is a German ancient historian .

Alexander Rubel studied history , German literature and philosophy at the University of Konstanz . In 1996 he became a research assistant at the Chair for Ancient History. In 2000 he became City in Fear with his work . Doctorate in religion and politics in Athens during the Peloponnesian War under Wolfgang Schuller . He then went to Romania, where he set up a branch of the Goethe Institute in Iași . He then became a DAAD scholarship lecturer at the University of Alexandru Ioan Cuza Iași . He is now the director of the German Cultural Center Iaşi and at the same time professor at the Institute for Archeology of the Romanian Academy there.

Rubel deals primarily with cultural-historical topics and the history of ancient Dacia . He leads the excavations on the Roman military presence in the region.


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