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The Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) is an association of globally renowned and influential graphic and communication designers . 496 members from 39 nations are committed to high-quality visual communication and are internationally jointly responsible for innovative design and typography in all media .


In 1951 two Swiss graphic artists ( Donald Brun , 1909–1999; Fritz Bühler , 1909–1963) and three French graphic artists ( Jean Colin , 1912–1982; Jacques Nathan-Garamond , 1910–2001; Jean Picart Le Doux , 1902–1982) decided to reorganize their relationships into some kind of club. In 1952 the Alliance Graphique Internationale was founded in Paris with 65 members. The first AGI exhibition took place in Paris in 1955; In 1969 the AGI headquarters moved to Zurich . Every year the members meet at an AGI congress in a different city or country for a friendly and collegial exchange about their own design work and the development of graphic design (communication design).

Two members - sponsors - can submit a proposal for the admission of a member. An international internal jury decides annually on the admission of new members.


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