Alois Liška

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Alois Liška

Alois Liška (born November 20, 1895 in Záborčí, today a district of Malá Skála , † February 7, 1977 in London ) was a Czech general, commander of the Czechoslovak independent armored brigade in World War II.


Alois Liška did his military service in the Austrian army from 1915. In 1916 he went over to the Russian army . He was interned until he could join the forming Czechoslovak legions . In the autumn of 1920 he returned to Czechoslovakia on the last transport of the Russian legionaries . Liška served as a professional officer in the 51st Artillery Battalion in Stará Boleslav , where he was promoted to plukovník and became the commander of this unit.

During the general mobilization of the Czechoslovak Army in September 1938, which was proclaimed after the Munich Agreement in view of the threat of aggression by the German Reich , he was given command of the artillery of the 1st Rapid Division. After the destruction of the rest of the Czech Republic and the establishment of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia , Liška went abroad in 1940, where he served in various combat units of the Czechoslovak Army in Exile . In France he commanded the 1st Artillery Battalion for a short time, after France's surrender he came to Great Britain, where he commanded the artillery of the 1st Czechoslovak Mixed Brigade ( 1st československá smíšená brigáda ) before becoming commander of the newly established Czechoslovak Independent Armored Brigade ( Československá samostatná obrněná brigáda ) was appointed. With this brigade he was charged with the siege of the French port city of Dunkerque in August 1944 , where some Canadian, British and French units were subordinate to him.

After Germany surrendered on May 9, 1945, Alois Liška reached Czechoslovakia with the task force, where he was promoted to army general. After the communist revolution in February 1948, he and most of the soldiers fighting on the Western Front were released from the army and placed under the supervision of the state security . In 1948 Liška emigrated for the third time and lived in London, where he died in 1977.


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