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The Alpine Ski Europe Cup is an international series of competitions in alpine skiing organized by the FIS , which is held during the winter half-year in the northern hemisphere. In addition to the Nor-Am Cup, it represents the most important part of the substructure of the Alpine Ski World Cup , which is primarily intended to give young European drivers the opportunity to gain experience on an international level. The first European Cup was held in the 1971/1972 winter season after the decision to host this racing series was made at the FIS Congress in May 1971. From 1972/73 the competition was changed: the system was adapted to the World Cup; In the first year the first 15 were scored, now only the first 10 (with the same number of points as in the World Cup) and the best 5 results in each discipline counted for the overall evaluation.

In contrast to the World Cup, all races take place in Europe . The five different disciplines in which the racers can collect points are the same as in the World Cup: Downhill , Slalom , Giant Slalom , Super-G (since 1985/1986) and Super Combination (since 2005/2006). As in the World Cup, an overall winner is determined, and the FIS point system also applies here .

The overall winners of the European Cup will receive a fixed starting place in all disciplines for the following World Cup season. In addition, the top three of each discipline will receive a fixed World Cup starting place in the respective discipline. Competitors who are already among the top 20 on the World Cup starting list or who do not belong to a European association will not be taken into account. In this case, the next move up in the ranking.

Winners lists

The following table provides the links to the season overviews of the best placed in the final standings of the European Cup disciplines as well as the top 3 placed in every European Cup race for women and men (from 1994/1995):

season season season season season
2019/2020 2009/2010 1999/2000 1989/1990 1979/1980
2018/2019 2008/2009 1998/1999 1988/1989 1978/1979
2017/2018 2007/2008 1997/1998 1987/1988 1977/1978
2016/2017 2006/2007 1996/1997 1986/1987 1976/1977
2015/2016 2005/2006 1995/1996 1985/1986 1975/1976
2014/2015 2004/2005 1994/1995 1984/1985 1974/1975
2013/2014 2003/2004 1993/1994 1983/1984 1973/1974
2012/2013 2002/2003 1992/1993 1982/1983 1972/1973
2011/2012 2001/2002 1991/1992 1981/1982 1971/1972
2010/2011 2000/2001 1990/1991 1980/1981

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Individual evidence

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