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Amar-Sin of Ur was from 2046 to 2038 BC. Chr. King of Sumer and Akkad .

He was the third regent from the Third Dynasty of Ur and succeeded his father Schulgi to the throne. For the most part, he continued his father's work. During his reign there were various building projects and the war against the Hurrians on the northern border of the empire in what is now Kurdistan . Under the rule of Amar-Sin, his empire saw a period of progress and prosperity; among other things, the yields from agriculture were greatly increased. The king's reign lasted only about a decade; he died of an infection on his feet. Heir to the throne became Amar-Sin's brother Shu-Sin .



  1. Due to diverging approaches in chronological classification, there are also different dates
predecessor Office successor
Sulgi King of Ur
2046 BC Chr. – 2038 BC Chr