Ambrosius Pape

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Ambrosius Pape (* 1553 in Magdeburg ; † before 1613 in Magdeburg) was a German Protestant theologian and playwright .


Pape attended the city school as well as the grammar school in Magdeburg under Georg Rollenhagen and then went to the University of Wittenberg , where he completed a degree in theology. In 1577 he went to Klein Ammensleben as a pastor and after his retirement in 1608 he returned to his hometown, where he is listed as deceased in 1612.

Pape was particularly concerned with evangelical prose and verse works. His five well-known dramas deal with topics from the Old Testament of the Bible, Gospel reports and Christmas games . They are intended to convey “instruction, consolation and warning” to the reader.

Selection of works

  • History of the quarrel and struggle of the young boy David and the great giants Goliath, Magdeburg 1575
  • Two Christian games of the vice of adultery, Magdeburg 1602, 1612
  • The prophet Jonas, Magdeburg 1605, 1612,
  • Historia of the gracious incarnation and joyous birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Magdeburg 1582
  • On the happiness and condition of a right Christian, Magdeburg 1612
  • Beggars and gardeners, Magdeburg 1586/87
  • Treatise on the forgiveness of sins, Magdeburg 1600
  • Pregnant and childbearing women, Magdeburg 1568, 1587
  • Kindelieren, Magdeburg 1588