Amen (disambiguation)

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Amen means:

  • Amen , an acclamation formula in the liturgy adopted from the Old Testament and the New Testament.
  • Amen (band) , a punk rock band from Los Angeles formed in 1994.
  • Amen., Original title of the movie The Substitute (2002) from 2002
  • Amen (film) , a 2011 South Korean film
  • Amen (album) , music album released in 1998 by the Hagen band Extrabreit
  • Amen Break , one of the most widely used samples in the history of hip hop and electronic music.
  • Amen (TV series) , an American television series (1986-1991)

The following people have the surname Amen :

  • John Amen (1898–1960), an American prosecutor.

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