American Bulldog

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American Bulldog
American Bulldog
Not from the FCI recognized
Origin :

United States

Alternative names:

Old Country Bulldog

Withers height:

Males 22-27  inches (56-69 cm)
Bitches 20-25 inches (51-64 cm)


not fixed

List of domestic dogs

The American Bulldog is a non- FCI or AKC recognized dog breed from the USA . The breed has been recognized by the UKC since January 1st, 1999 . The RKF, the Russian cynological association within the FCI, also recognizes the breed and awards a national championship title (after qualifications via CAC, Certificat d'aptitude au Championnat ).

Assumptions assume that the American Bulldog mostly of English Bulldogs descended and Boxer , Dogo Argentino and pointers in the development of the breed crossbred were.


The American Bulldog is a typical member of the Bulldog family, up to 66 cm tall and 58 kg in weight. There are several strokes or types: lighter working lines (e.g. SCOTT standard type) and the heavy exhibition type (JOHNSON Bully / Classic type) as well as the hybrid type, which is a hybrid of standard and bully. The hybrid type is judged at shows in one of the two main type classes, based on where the respective hybrid dog is phenotypically inclined. SCOTT lines are usually slimmer and have a longer catch, as these were also used for wild boar hunting. The coat is typically short and close-fitting for a bulldog. According to the UKC breed standard , all colors are permitted with the exception of completely black or blue without marks, tricolor (white with black and tan marks), merle and a completely black mask.


The Bulldog's bit varies between the standard type and the bully type. The Bully has a strong undershot lower jaw. This is due to the fact that the bulldog was previously used as a guardian of the bulls in the market. Thanks to the undershot, he was able to grab an escaped bull and push it to the ground while still being able to breathe. The wrinkles under the eyes were there to allow the bulls' blood to drain without it running into the bulldog's eyes. A black nose is a positive trait. A light nose (red nose) is a cosmetic flaw, as is a black eye.

At exhibitions, in addition to the dog's building, the teeth, the nature, the bone strength, the back and the general structure are assessed and judged.

In addition to a longer snout, the standard type does not have an undershot lower jaw, it is narrower and often lighter, with the withers often higher than that of the bullies.


The American Bulldog most closely resembles the type of the old bull biter . While it is still used to hunt wild boar in the USA today, it is mostly family and companion dog here .


With the exception of the problems that some white dog breeds have in common (allergies and hearing loss), the American Bulldog is still a relatively healthy dog, as it has always focused on the function and less on the exaggeration of certain characteristics.

Racial Issues

The American Bulldog is one of the listed dogs in Germany in the federal states of Bavaria, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia . By a character test the dangerousness generally accepted in Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia can be refuted. In Hesse, American Bulldogs and their crossbreeds are suspected to be dangerous, which is why a permit is required to keep them, which is tied to a character test, among other things.

In Switzerland , the American Bulldog is on the breed list in the canton of Ticino ; a cantonal permit is required to keep animals there. In the canton of Zurich, on the other hand, the dog is only considered a massive dog. Training must be completed with dogs of list type I (large or bulky dogs). The 2010 version of the Danish Dog Act includes the American Bulldog on its breed list, which implies an extensive ban on keeping, breeding and importing. For dogs that look similar to this breed, the owner must be able to document the breed or type of dog. A transit of dogs who do not leave the car (the journey must not be interrupted for a long time, but short walks are allowed if the dog needs exercise) is permitted.

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