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Birch trees are winged, here the mature female catkins of Betula populifolia before the seeds fly out.
Dandelions are a hair flyer

Anemochory (from Greek ἄνεμος ánemos , German 'Wehen, Luftauch, Wind' , and χωρεῖν chōreín , German 'to move, wander' ) is the spread of plant seeds , more precisely the diaspores , with the wind (wind wanderer). Plants that use the anemochory usually form tiny spores.

Depending on the weight and shape of the seeds, wind strength and height above the ground, near or wide spreads are possible; in general, light seeds are spread further.

There are various options for the plants to use the wind:

  • Wind fliers ( meteorochory ) let their seeds drift with the wind. This enables remote propagation over several hundred meters up to kilometers. Examples are willows or dandelions ( dandelion ).
  • Wind scatterers (boleochory, ballanemochory; a form of semachory ) scatter the seeds from capsules after the action of external forces such as the wind. The achievable spread is only a few meters. Example is poppy .
  • Ground runners, rollers ( Chamaechorie ) separate from the ground as a whole plant and are spread by the wind, the seeds gradually fall off. The achievable spread only depends on how often the steppe rollers are held, for example on fences or other plants. Examples are potash brine and field man litter .

There is also another, less common, classification:

  • Anemochionochory ; Distribution by horizontal air currents over the surfaces of snow and ice fields
  • Anemoheliochory ; Distribution by vertical, vertical air currents and later by horizontal currents at higher levels
  • Anemoturbochory ; Distribution by storms
  • Anemogravichory ; Distribution by horizontal air currents over the earth's surface
  • Anemogeochory ; Distribution by horizontal air currents along the surface of the earth


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