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The Applied Geography is not a sub-discipline of the department of geography , but - as applied science - a results-oriented approach that sets them apart from the theoretical, classificatory and taxonomic geography. Therefore it is primarily assigned to the regional (special) geography .

Tasks and fields of work

The term ties in with the same distinction in the natural sciences: for example, applied physics, applied chemistry or applied botany; This refers to those scientists who want to use the skills and knowledge of their subject outside of the university, that is, who want to apply them “practically”. It is therefore primarily differentiated from university geography and school geography , and is the professional profile of the occupational geography .

Applied geography is about the use of geographical knowledge and skills to solve social spatial problems. An example is criminal geography or spatial planning . Social problems are understood to be tasks that the public sector and the private sector face. Applied geography therefore exists when the purpose of application has to do with the fulfillment of tasks that are not set by the geographers themselves, but are set by geography. In solving these tasks, the boundaries between university and practice are constantly being crossed. In principle, this task is never completed, but rather an ongoing task that requires constant feedback from concepts, measures and monitoring of results.

Applied geography is responsible for:

Areas of activity for applied geographers can be found:


The series of publications on Applied Geography contributed to the establishment of the term in German-speaking countries at the beginning of the 20th century . Booklets for the dissemination of geographical knowledge in its relation to cultural and economic life . From 1902 to 1921 a total of 51 volumes were published by changing publishers (Gebauer-Schwetschke, Halle an der Saale; Keller, Frankfurt am Main and Seidel, Vienna).

Professional associations / interest groups


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Individual evidence

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