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Anike Hage at the Leipzig Book Fair 2009

Anike Hage (born March 19, 1985 in Wolfenbüttel ) is a German comic artist .


Anike Hage was already drawing at school, and her first contact with mangas was through the Sailor Moon series . In 2003 she took part in the Manga Talents competition at the Leipzig Book Fair for the first time, but was not accepted. In 2004 she won second place in the category “History from 16 years” with her contribution Turn Back . Thereupon she received the order from the organizers to design the main motif of the competition for the year 2005, together with the offer to participate as a jury member for the Manga talents of the year 2005. In the same year Anike Hage was signed by Tokyopop , and in early 2005 her first professional work Inspiration appeared in the anthology "Manga Fieber". In 2005 she received her Abitur.

At the Games Convention 2005 in Leipzig , she designed Nintendo DS units in a manga look that were auctioned off for a charitable purpose in cooperation with Ebay .

In November 2005 the artist drew the designs for a commercial on behalf of the Danish television channel TV2, which advertised the participation of the Danish women's national handball team at the World Handball Championship in Saint Petersburg . In addition, a 24-page work was created that contained a longer version of the script.

From 2006, Anike Hage published the series Gothic Sports on Tokyopop , five volumes of which have been published. In addition to Germany, Gothic Sports was also published in France, Spain, Japan and the USA and was awarded the Sondermann Comic Prize of the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2007 in the category “Manga self-published (national)” and was nominated for the 2007 International Manga Award . In 2008, Anike Hage's adaptation of Gudrun Pausewang's novel of the same name was published by Ravensburger Buchverlag with Die Wolke . In autumn 2010 Tokyopop also published the comic.

Short stories by Anike Hage have been published in UniSpiegel and Dein Spiegel since 2010 . In 2018, another longer story about her appeared with Eislicht , now with Altraverse .

Working method

In contrast to other young comic artists, Anike Hage draws by hand and without a computer. For the story she developed, she first made pencil sketches, then ink drawings. She cuts the raster foils herself, the finished pages are scanned and lettered by the publisher.


The characters of Anike Hages have western facial features and small "snub noses". Her stories take place in Germany, according to Gothic Sports in a high school that is based on her former one. Der Spiegel describes her drawings as "elegant and expressive".


  • Inspiration (2005)
  • Gothic Sports (2006–2010, five volumes)
  • The hostile neighbors in Wilhelm Busch and its consequences (2007)
  • Die Wolke (comic version of a youth book by Gudrun Pausewang published in 1987, 2008)
  • My fabulous favorite book on horses and riding (Illustrations, 2017)
  • Ice light (2018)


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