Anna Přemyslovna

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Anna Přemyslovna (born October 15, 1290 in Prague , † September 3, 1313 in Carinthia ) was a daughter of the Bohemian King Wenceslaus II and his first wife Guta . In 1306 she was married to Heinrich von Kärnten , who was appointed as his deputy after Wenceslas went on a campaign. After the murder of Wenceslas III. In 1306 and when King Albrecht's son Rudolf came to power in Bohemia , Anna and Heinrich fled to Carinthia. After Rudolf's death, Heinrich was elected King of Bohemia in 1307 - legitimized by his marriage to Anna.

When the royal couple tried to marry Anna's youngest sister Elisabeth to Meißner Otto von Bergow , Elisabeth resisted and accepted the offer of the Bohemian nobility to go into opposition to Heinrich. In 1310 she married Johann von Böhmen , who occupied Prague in December of the same year . Anna and Heinrich went into exile in Carinthia. After that Anna never saw her home again. She died childless on September 3, 1313 in a Carinthian castle and was buried in the Dominican monastery in Bozen .


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