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Anton Joachimsthaler (* 1930 in Hohenelbe , Czechoslovakia ) is a German historian . He was best known for his research on youth and the beginnings of the German dictator Adolf Hitler ("Correction of a Biography").


Joachimsthaler was born in the Sudetenland . He studied electrical engineering at the Oskar von Miller Polytechnic, a predecessor of the Munich University of Applied Sciences . After that, he worked for the Deutsche Bundesbahn from 1956 in the mechanical and electrical engineering service in various positions, most recently as department head in the Munich-Freimann repair shop . Since 1969 he has been working part-time with contemporary and railway history. Since the 1970s he has published on technology and contemporary history and worked as an employee and consultant on contemporary history television programs on the ZDF ( Hitler as a private person ). His work Correction of a Biography , in which he made many previously little-known facts about Hitler's youth known to a wider public, received a lot of attention .

Contributions to research

Joachimsthaler is best known for his contributions to research into the life of Adolf Hitler . In this context, through his research in the city archives of Hitler's hometown Linz, he was able to determine, for example, that the Linzer Stefanie Rabatsch, to whom Hitler, as his childhood friend August Kubizek had vouched, had an enthusiastic childhood love, was called Isak. According to Joachimsthaler, the fact that Hitler had a romantic interest in a girl who was not Jewish, but who, due to her Jewish-sounding name, was of Jewish origin, made the later woman seriously anti-Semitic Dictator already at that time highly unlikely.

One of Joachimsthaler's main research fields in the history of railways was the broad-gauge railway desired by Hitler with a gauge of 3000 millimeters, i.e. more than twice as wide as the European standard gauge of 1435 millimeters.


As an author:

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As editor:

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