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Anton Scholtz (* around 1560; † February 10, 1622 in Liegnitz / Silesia) was a teacher and mathematician as well as a ducal court official in the Duchy of Liegnitz .


Anton Scholtz (also Schultz, Schultes, etc.) was born around 1560. In 1584 he published a textbook under the title "Rechenbuch auff Meuntz vnd gewicht in Schlesien". He is referred to as the "Arithmeticum vnd Deutsche Schulhalter in Lignitz". The addition “German” served to distinguish it from the much better known Liegnitz Latin school. The children were taught reading, writing and arithmetic as well as religious studies. Already before 1590, Duke Friedrich IV of Liegnitz had become aware of the arithmetic skills of his school-holder, Anton Scholtz switched to financial administration and took over the office of tax collector in the Duchy of Liegnitz. He now lived in a house on the Ring. In the period that followed, his work rendered valuable services to the Princely House, which is why he was raised to the nobility shortly after the death of Duke Friedrich IV on July 16, 1596. His successor, Duke, Joachim Friedrich , to whom the Liegnitz estates paid homage on August 15, 1596, placed his trust in him and appointed him Princely Liegnitz-Brieger Council. Scholtz also dealt with his scientific research and in 1600 published his next work on arithmetic: "Arithmetica or arithmetic book". Anton Scholtz finally became chamber director at the Liegnitzer Fürstenhof and chief judge of the city of Goldberg .

Scholtz owned several houses in the city of Liegnitz and the Raischmannsdorf manor in the Liegnitz district. As a patron interested in literature, he financed the publications of the Schneider'schen Druckerei zu Liegnitz and thus promoted the Lower Silesian literature and printing in Liegnitz quite considerably.

Anton Scholtz was on friendly terms with the knight Hans von Schweinichen , who mentioned him almost countless times in his well-known diary entries "Love and Life of the Germans of the Sixteenth Century, in the Events of the Silesian Knight Hans von Schweinichen". His son Gottfried von Scholtz auf Eisenhut (February 5, 1589 to July 27, 1652) was also active as a lawyer and chamber councilor in the princely government of Liegnitz and held the office of burgrave at the Gröditzburg fortress . Anton's daughter Maria von Scholtz (approx. 1584-26 March 1634) was the mother of Maria Cunitz , who contemporaries referred to as the 'Silesian Pallas'. Anton Scholtz died in Liegnitz on February 10, 1622.

Zedler writes about him in his Universal Lexicon: “Schultze, Anton, Fürstlich Liegnitzer Rath, lived at the beginning of the 17th century. He was a good mathematician and made it quite a long way in the art of alphabetic arithmetic by using the German letters instead of the common numbers and adding the valorem arithmeticum to them [...]. "


  • Arithmetic book on Meuntz and weight in Silesia sampt a comparison of those in […]. By Antonium Schultzen Arithmeticum vnnd Deutsche Schulhalter in Lignitz. Printed at Franckfurt an der Oder / by Andream Eichorn Anno 1584. [168] Bl.
  • Arithmetica or arithmetic book. Dorin with a well-founded explanation of the species beautiful, useful rules and the same right Practica, herosliing from the comparison of the proportionalities, so well the art and meaningful Regul Coß taught with exquisite examples and evidently demonstrated by graceful geometric figures of the shape: The same foundation and actual understanding also without oral teaching Can be learned. In addition to useful instructions for proper bookkeeping. Laid a and together gerichet by Anthoniun Schultzen auff Raitschmannsdorf Princely Lignitschen Brigischen Raht , Printed by Nicolaum Schneider 1600. [4], 259, [22] Bl., (There were 1,611 of them a second edition.) To read online in the digital library to Dresden.


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Individual evidence

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