Arakan-Joma Mountains

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Arakan-Joma Mountains
Highest peak Nat Ma Taung (Victoria Mountain) ( 3053  m )
location Myanmar , India
Arakan Joma Mountains (Myanmar)
Arakan-Joma Mountains
Coordinates 21 ° 16 ′  N , 93 ° 57 ′  E Coordinates: 21 ° 16 ′  N , 93 ° 57 ′  E

The Arakan-Joma Mountains (also Arakan-Yoma or Chin Mountains) is a mountain range on the border between India and Myanmar (Burma) and forms one of the southeastern foothills of the Himalayas .

It is located in the western part of Myanmar Chin - and the formerly Arakan called Rakhine State , spreads in the Indian states of Mizoram and Manipur and goes into the Mizo Mountains over. The Patkai Mountains connect to the northeast . To the south, the Arakan-Joma Mountains follow the Burmese coast until they drop into the Bay of Bengal at Cape Negrais .

The highest point is the Nat Ma Taung (Victoria Mountain ) with 3053  m , located in the southern Chin state. Towards the south, the height of the mountains continues to decrease. On the Indian side, the mountains in Phawngpui (Blue Mountain) reach 2164  m . The mountains are mainly forested with pine and teak .

The area of ​​the Arakan-Joma Mountains is mostly inhabited by the Zo .