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The Archive for the History of Religions (ARG) is an academic journal in the field of religious studies , especially the history of religion .

The journal Archive for Religious History was founded in 1999. It sees itself in the direct tradition of the journal Archiv für Religionswissenschaft , published from 1898 to 1943 . Its editors are Jan Assmann , Fritz Graf , Tonio Hölscher , Ludwig Koenen and John Scheid . The editorial board includes Mary Beard , Philippe Borgeaud , David Frankfurter , Christiano Grottanelli , Albert Henrichs , Alexander Knysh , François Lissarrague , and Charles Malamoud, Stefan Maul and Michel Tardieu and at the beginning Shaul Shaked and Guy Stroumsa .

Two issues appear annually, which together form a volume. The first six volumes were published from 1999 to 2004 by Verlag B. G. Teubner . After the publisher had discontinued its humanities program, the ARG switched - like the other magazines - to Verlag KG Saur , which was taken over by Verlag Walter de Gruyter in 2006 . Although published in Germany and mainly represented by German publishers, the magazine has an international character. The languages ​​of publication are all common academic languages, especially German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. This orientation was already evident in the first issue, when four of the seven articles were in French and one each in German, Italian and Spanish. In addition to larger articles, there are also smaller messages. From the second volume on, research reports on special topics appear, which report at regular intervals on research in individual areas of the history of religion.

The journal mainly publishes articles on the pre-Christian and non-Christian religions of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Indo-Iranian area, and occasionally other regions of the world. A thematic focus is set in each issue, which is then considered by different authors and from different points of view: In the first issue, for example, the topic of human sacrifice .

“The theme of the history of religion unfolds with emphasis on the historical point of view from the point of view of philology, historical studies, archeology, iconology and historical anthropology. Submission and interpretation of the documents are the basis of the archive, as well as individual presentations. ”However, the ARG's approach is less to focus on philology, as has usually been the case up to now, but to classify other scientific areas such as iconography in a larger area.


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