Armageddon (band)

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General information
Genre (s) Hard rock
founding 1975
resolution 1976
Founding members
Keith Relf
Martin Pugh (musician)
Bobby Caldwell
Louis Cennamo

Armageddon was a British hard rock band formed in 1975 .

The supergroup Armageddon consisted of Keith Relf (vocals), formerly Yardbirds and Renaissance , Martin Pugh (guitar), previously with Rod Stewart , Captain Beyond and Steamhammer , Bobby Caldwell (drums), formerly with Johnny Winter and Captain Beyond, and finally Louis Cennamo (Bass), previously also with Steamhammer, Captain Beyond and Renaissance .

The group only produced one album, Armageddon , with five songs, all of which were slightly longer. Before the second album could be tackled, Keith Relf died after being electrocuted from an ungrounded electric guitar.

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