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Renaissance 2012, clockwise from top left: Jason Hart, David J. Keyes, Rave Tesar, Frank Pagano, Michael Dunford and Annie Haslam
Renaissance 2012, clockwise from top left: Jason Hart, David J. Keyes, Rave Tesar, Frank Pagano, Michael Dunford and Annie Haslam
General information
origin United Kingdom
Genre (s) Progressive rock
founding 1969
Chart positions
Explanation of the data
A Song for All Season
  UK 35 
August 19, 1978 (8 weeks)
Azure d'or
  UK 73 06/02/1979 (1 week)
Northern Lights
  UK 10 
07/15/1978 (11 weeks)

Renaissance (English pronunciation [re'neɪsəns]) is a British progressive rock band.


After the Yardbirds broke up in 1968, former members Keith Relf and Jim McCarty formed an experimental rock band called Renaissance. The quintet was completed by Louis Cennamo (bass), John Hawken (piano) and Relf's sister Jane (vocals). In this line-up they recorded the two albums Renaissance and Illusion and then separated. McCarty put together a new band, which he soon left himself. From 1977 the founding members briefly joined forces to form the Illusion formation .

The new line-up consisted of Annie Haslam (vocals), Michael Dunford (acoustic guitar), who contributed the song Mr Pine to the album Illusion , John Tout (piano), Jon Camp (bass) and Terry Sullivan (drums). Together with Rob Hendry (electric guitar), Renaissance released the album Prologue in 1972 . The music was mainly from Dunford and McCarty, the lyrics from Betty Thatcher.

In the 1970s Renaissance was quite successful, in 1978 the band had a hit with Northern Lights from the album A Song for All Seasons (number 10 on the British charts).

In the 1980s the success subsided and the band broke up. Several compilations appeared in the 1990s. In the late 90s, both Haslam and Dunford had new bands that they called Renaissance. In the late 1990s Haslam and Dunford reformed Renaissance with a common band. Michael Dunford, guitarist and main composer, died on November 20, 2012 of complications from a cerebral haemorrhage. On January 29, 2015, Danny McCulloch, the band's former bass player, died of a heart attack. On May 1, 2015, former keyboardist John Tout succumbed to a lung disease in London.


year Singing (female) Singing (male) guitar Keyboards bass Drums
1969-1970 Jane Relf Keith Relf Keith Relf John Hawken Louis Cennamo Jim McCarty
Summer 1970 Terry Crowe Michael Dunford Neil Korner Terry Slade
Fall 1970 Binky Cullom John Tout
January 1971 Annie Haslam
1971 Danny McCulloch
1971 Frank Farrell
June 1971 John Wetton
1972 Jon Camp Mick Parsons Jon Camp Terence Sullivan
1972 Rob Hendry
1973 Peter Finberg

(classical cast)

Michael Dunford
1981 Peter Gosling Peter Barron
1983 Mick Taylor Gavin Harrison
1984 Raphael Rudd Greg Carter
1985 - Mark Lampariello Charles Descarfino
1998 John Tout Roy Wood Terence Sullivan
1998 Mickey Simmonds Alex Caird
2001 Mickey Simmonds & Rave Tesar David Keyes
2009 Rave Tesar & Tom Brislin Frank Pagano
from October 2010 Rave Tesar & Jason Hart


Studio albums

Live albums

  • 1976: Live at Carnegie Hall (double album)
  • 2002: In the Land of the Rising Sun (Live in Japan)
  • 2006: British Tour '76
  • 2016: Live at the Union Chapel
  • 2018: A Symphonic Journey (Live at the Keswick Theater)

Other publications

  • 1990: Tales of 1001 Nights Volume I (compilation)
  • 1990: Tales of 1001 Nights Volume II (compilation)
  • 1994: The Other Woman (Michael Dunford's Band)
  • 1994: Blessing in Disguise (Annie Haslam's Band)
  • 1995: Da Capo (double CD sampler)
  • 1997: At the Royal Albert Hall with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Part 1
  • 1997: At the Royal Albert Hall with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Part 2
  • 1997: Songs from Renaissance Days (compilation of B-sides, outtakes and demos)
  • 2000: Unplugged - Live at the Academy of Music, Philadelphia USA
  • 2010: The Mystic and the Muse ( EP with three new songs)
  • 2014: Symphony of Light (compilation of the EP and the self-published album)
  • 2016: Live at BBC-Sight & Sound (CD / DVD box set, concert recordings and BBC radio session from 1975–1978)


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