Round stingray

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Round stingray
Urolophus cruciatus

Urolophus cruciatus

Class : Cartilaginous fish (Chondrichthyes)
Subclass : Euselachii
Subclass : Plate gill (Elasmobranchii)
without rank: Stingray (batoidea)
Order : Myliobatiformes
Family : Round stingray
Scientific name
Müller & Henle , 1841

The round stingrays (Urolophidae) are widespread in warm areas in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific .


The rather small rays are 11 to 80 centimeters long. They have a small caudal fin that carries a serrated stinger. Some Australian species of the genus Trygonoptera also have a dorsal fin. Your body disc is about 1.3 times wider than it is long. Round stingrays are viviparous.


Trygonoptera imitata
Urolophus gigas
Urolophus kapalensis

There are three genera with 24 species:


Individual evidence

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