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Urolophus cruciatis, the type species of the genus

Urolophus cruciatis , the type species of the genus

Subclass : Euselachii
Subclass : Plate gill (Elasmobranchii)
without rank: Stingray (batoidea)
Order : Myliobatiformes
Family : Round stingrays (Urolophidae)
Genre : Urolophus
Scientific name
Müller & Henle , 1837

Urolophus is a genus from the family of the round stingray (Urolophidae).


Urolophus species are small to medium-sized rays with an approximately round or diamond-shaped body disc . The width of the body disk corresponds to its length or it is up to 1.3 times wider than it is long. Eyes and injection holes are close together on the back. The body disc is widest directly behind the injection holes. The tips of the pectoral fins are approximately angular or broadly rounded, the pelvic fins triangular or rounded. The surface of the back is smooth. The rock-shaped skin folds on the nostrils have grown together completely and extend to the mouth. The tail is about the same length as the body disc and has a conspicuous sting. A small caudal fin is present, a dorsal fin only in a few species. Urolophus species are monochrome on the back or patterned by wide bands, large spots or a network drawing. The ventral side is light in most cases, and more rarely also dark.


Urolophus bucculentus
Urolophus gigas
Urolophus paucimaculatus

The genus Urolophus originally also included the species of the genera Urobatis and Urotrygon . Today, the two genera form the American round stingray family (Urotrygonidae).


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