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Map of the Indo-Pacific

Indo-Pacific is the name of a large region consisting of the northern Indian Ocean , the western central Pacific and some tributaries , including its island world. In a restricted sense, the term Indo-Pacific is only used for the seas and countries of Southeast Asia .

The term is mainly used in marine biology and ichthyology , as these seas form a coherent range for many species from Madagascar to Japan and the South Seas . (See, for example, night sharks , sousa dolphins , Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins , dugongs , flag-tail pipefish , coral fish ). The Indo-Pacific is also home to rich mangrove flora .

The term is also useful in linguistics , as the Indo-Pacific region largely coincides with the distribution area of ​​the Austronesian languages . It also includes the distribution areas of the Papua languages and the Andaman languages . The Nicobarese languages ​​also belong geographically to the Indo-Pacific, but are linguistically assigned to the Austro-Asian Mon-Khmer languages .

In the meantime, due to the changed constellation in international politics , the term is also used in strategic studies .

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