Army of the Southwest

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The Southwest Army was a major unit of the US Army in the Civil War that was deployed in the Trans-Mississippi theater of war. It was erected on December 24, 1861 and on December 13, 1862 in the military district of eastern Arkansas, which was subordinate to the military area of Tennessee and thus Major General Ulysses S. Grant , transferred.

It consisted of units from the Missouri Military Area - their strength did not exceed that of a corps . It got its name because of the main area of ​​application in the southwest in Missouri and Arkansas .

After the capture of Helena , Arkansas in July 1862, units were constantly subordinate to the western theater of war, but also in the extensive theater of war Trans-Mississippi under different commands.

Commander in chief

  • Major General Samuel R. Curtis (December 25, 1861 - August 29, 1862)
  • Brigadier General Frederick Steele (August 29, 1862 - October 7, 1862)
  • Brigadier General Eugene A. Carr (October 7, 1862 - November 12, 1862)
  • Brigadier General Willis A. Gorman (November 12, 1862 - December 13, 1862)

Battles and campaigns