Arnulf III. (Flanders)

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Arnulf III. the unfortunate (* 1055 ; † February 22, 1071 near Cassel ) was a Count of Flanders and, as Arnulf I, a Count of Hainaut . He was the eldest son of Count Baldwin VI. von Flanders and the Countess Richilde von Hainaut .

Arnulf succeeded his late father in both counties in 1070, but he was still too young to rule himself, which is why his mother took over the reign. His uncle Robert the Frisian took advantage of this to take power. In the decisive battle of Cassel (February 22, 1071), Arnulf fought in spite of his young age and was killed.

Flanders fell to the victorious Robert the Frisian, while the Hainaut was secured by Richilde for her second son Baldwin II .

predecessor Office successor
Balduin VI./I. the good Count of Flanders
Robert I the Frisian
Balduin VI./I. the good Count of Hainaut
Baldwin II