Baldwin VI. (Flanders)

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Baldwin VI. the good , also called Baldwin of Mons , (* 1030 ; † 17 July 1070 ) was since 1051 as Baldwin I a Count of Hainaut and since 1067 a Count of Flanders from the House of Flanders . He was the eldest son of Count Baldwin V the Pious and Adela , a daughter of King Robert II of France .

Baldwin was brought up by his father to the court of King Henry III. sent, from which he was entrusted with the mark of Antwerp ( Imperial Flanders ) on the court in Goslar in 1045 . In 1050 he was ordered back to Flanders after his father had revolted against the emperor, which resulted in the loss of Antwerp. In the following year Baldwin was married to the widow of the Count of Hainaut, Richilde , which meant a considerable expansion of its territory into the Reich for the House of Flanders . In the next few years Baldwin supported his father in the fight against the emperor, which had penetrated into Flanders in 1054. However, the fight ended in the autumn of 1056 in favor of Flanders with the death of the emperor, whereupon Baldwin and his father paid homage to the new emperor, Henry IV , at the following Cologne court meeting in December after the mediation of Pope Victor II , thus confirming the win of the Hainaut got.

Baldwin inherited his late father in Flanders in 1067, which was the first time that Flanders-Hainaut had a personal union. But he himself died in 1070 after a brief reign. For his underage eldest son, Arnulf III. , his widow took over the reign, against which, however, Balduin's younger brother Robert the Friese rose up, who won the battle of Cassal (February 22, 1071) and Arnulf III. killed. Richilde fled to Hainaut, which she was able to keep for her second son Baldwin II († 1098).

The direct descendants of Baldwin VI. came back into the possession of Flanders only in 1191.


Individual evidence

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Baldwin V. the Pious Count of Flanders
Arnulf III./I. the unfortunate one
Hermann Count of Hainaut
Arnulf III./I. the unfortunate one