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The Assonanz (from latin assonare "resonate"; from latin ad "to on" and sonare "sound") is a vowel half rime an element of the speech jewelery in gasket and speech in which one or more syllables in an appropriate position the same vowel sound ( phoneme own), for example Sr. i nds u CHT / B i nd u ng or k e lead / S e gene , but also L e the Schw a n / M e hospitable a r . As with rhyme, assonance usually begins with a stressed syllable.

Especially in the vowel-rich Romance and Celtic languages, assonance was considered to have equal rights alongside full rhyme. It originated early in Spain ( Cantar de Mio Cid ) and spread in medieval Provençal ( La Chanson de Roland ). In the Old High German poetry it occurs in Otfried von Weißenburg's Reimnot as an impure preliminary stage of the rhyme alongside the final syllable rhyme .

In lyric poetry, it serves as a means of connection alongside or instead of other forms of rhyme . Assonance is already used in Old High German poetry by Otfried von Weißenburg and was a frequently used means of poetry in Romanticism , for example by Ludwig Tieck , Achim von Arnim and Clemens Brentano . As an example, the first stanza from Brentano's Rosablanken's dream in his romances of the Rosary :

The nightingale fell asleep in the solemn bushes of the valley , the
moonlight must also
wither, the early breath blows.

Here one has on the ship assonances B ü sch e n / bl ... ü h e n and ... proposes a f e n / A t e m and the Assonanz occurs as a means of Versbindung in the same location and function as a corresponding cross rhyme ababon. As another example, shows the bushes of Schlegel , relatively inconspicuous as compared to a corresponding rime binding by Assonanz the verses of a poem can be linked:

It blows cool and quiet
The air through dark meadows,
And only the sky smiles
From a thousand bright eyes.
Only one soul stirs
itself in the roaring seas,
And in the quiet words that
rustle through the leaves.
So there is a wave in wave,
Where ghosts secretly mourn;
So words follow words,
Where spirits breathe life.
Through all the tones there is a soft tone in the
colorful earthly dreams
For the one who secretly listens.

Here the casual reader / listener can easily miss the fact that all even lines are linked to one another by two-syllable endassonance ... au ... e ....

Assonance is one of the popular forms of language jewelry in rap today .


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