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The seal of Astaroth after the Goëtia

Astaroth is the name of a demon in occult mythology . His name is of Phoenician - Semitic origin; originally the female Babylonian goddess Ištar , who first became the West Semitic goddess Astarte and then later the male demon Astaroth.

The Ars Goetia (first part of the grimoires The Lesser Key Solomon ) describes him as a mighty, strong duke who rules over 40 legions. According to this description, he appears as a nefarious angel with a putrid, poisonous breath who rides a hellish dragon or a wolf and holds a viper in his right hand . He should know the past, present and future and be able to reveal all secrets. Likewise, he should teach people in general sciences and, moreover, be the patron of the liberal arts. He is mentioned in many cases of obsession .

He is in the "Goetia" in 29th position and is also called Aschera , Ashtaroth, Astarte , Ashtarat, Asteroth, Astoreth or Astargatis. In addition to the Grand Duke, he is also said to be the chief treasurer of Hell. Sources like the book of Abraham von Worms want to see it as one of the planetary spirits; but in general it stands for the principle of laziness. Before the fall of the angels, he is said to have been a cherub or seraph . Since he was the keeper of time, he is also said to have known God's plans; but as this could not be tolerated, he was thrown into a remote dungeon. He was also never allowed to attend a council meeting, although like Lucifer he was a member of the heavenly council. When Abaddon and Lucifer freed him, he initially resisted it, but was later thrown out of heaven along with the fallen angels and condemned to be forever mute, although he never fought.

Legend has it that his soul and body were fused with those of the goddess Astarte (presumably to explain what mythologically happened over the centuries). But Lucifer offered him a new body, a snake , which he now holds in his hand.

If Astaroth has control over the body, it becomes male and the soul of the Astarte moves into the now white-colored serpent; however, if Astarte is in control, the body becomes female and Astaroth's soul goes into the now black-colored snake. If the body is female, it is horned and married to El , the supreme god, and symbolizes debauchery and temple prostitution . The symbol of the mostly naked Astarte is the dove .

In his angelic form, it should only be possible for him to write, but not to speak.

If he is summoned, what should be advisable on Wednesday, he should also tell about the fall of the angels and that no one really wanted this; he also protests his innocence in this case. In his interpretation as Aphrodite, probably similar to his connection to Astarte or Ishtar, he embodies love, otherwise ostentatiousness and vanity.

According to Sebastian Michaelis , Astaroth is a demon of the first category who seduces with laziness and vanity. His opponent is Saint Bartholomew , who offers protection from him because he has withstood Astaroth's seduction. In another opinion he teaches mathematical arts and handicrafts, can make people invisible, lead them to hidden treasures and answer any questions.
According to Francis Barrett , Astaroth is the prince of prosecutors and investigators. Some demonologists of the 16th century , according to the attacks of demons to humans in August most are.

other names

  • Astarot
  • Astarod
  • Astoroth
  • Asteroth
  • Ashtaroth
  • Ashtoreth
  • Astoret
  • Astarte
  • Ishtar


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