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Attaché ( French attacher "to fasten") or attachée (female form) is a diplomatic term for the companion of an envoy .

"Attaché" is one of the registration designations used by delegated employees of diplomatic missions. The next lower rank is that of the "Attaché adjoint", which corresponds to the lowest diplomatic rank, the next higher is that of the "Troisième Secrétaire". Embassy staff with special tasks are sometimes also referred to as attachés, such as B. military attaché , cultural attaché or the press attaché responsible for the representation's public relations work. In these cases the title denotes a function; it is not an official title.

In Germany it is also the official title of an official in the preparatory service for the higher foreign service . After successfully passing the career test and assuming the position of civil servant, the attaché is appointed to the legation council.

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