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The Augstgau was a historical landscape and a district in the Duchy of Swabia . It comprised the area in the angle between the Aare and the Rhine , bounded in the west by Birs and Lüssel and Siggern . The Augstgau takes its name from the village of Augst , the Roman Augusta Raurica , where a bishop resided until the 7th century.

The first written mention of the Augstgau dates back to 752. It is controversial whether the Augstgau has always existed as an independent district, or whether it emerged as a split from the Aargau . The Augstgau in turn split up into the Sisgau (approx. 835), the Frickgau (926) and the Buchsgau (1080). It is believed that the Counts of Homberg were the descendants of the Counts of Augstgau.

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