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The Augustinian convent Küstelberg was founded in 1177 and existed until the nuns were transferred to Glindfeld convent in 1299.

Shortly before 1177, an Augustinian convent was founded in Küstelberg . In 1179 it is called "Cenobium s [anc] te Marie". This monastery was probably originally dependent on the Meschede women's monastery . From this time on, a provost is also recorded. From 1220 he had the right of patronage over the church in Medebach and perhaps from 1225, certainly from 1276, influence on the occupation of the pastoral position in Winterberg .

In 1284, Count Ludwig von Arnsberg gave the monastery the chapel in Glindfeld and the bailiwick there. In 1294, Grafschaft Monastery transferred its main courtyard in Glindfeld to Küstelberg Monastery. In return, the nuns undertook to choose their provost from Kloster Grafschaft.

On March 12, 1297, the Archbishop of Cologne, Wigbold von Holte, commissioned the abbot of the Grafschaft monastery to move the Küstelberg monastery to the Augustinian monastery in Glindfeld . The provost at the time, Gottfried von Padberg , moved with the nuns to Glindfeld in 1299.

According to excavation findings, the monastery church was a three-aisled hall . It was partly and finally canceled in the late Middle Ages after the Augustinian nuns moved to Glindfeld in 1741. From there a new church was built in Küstelberg. The monastery buildings fell into disrepair; In 1802 only rubble was left.

Provosts of the monastery

  • 1170 Gottschalk
  • after 1177 Gerhard
  • 1231 Gerhard
  • around 1245 Ecbert
  • 1274 Free
  • 1299 Gottfried von Padberg


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