Books (magazine)

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description Trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise literature
language German
publishing company Falkemedia
Headquarters Kiel
First edition November 19, 2003
Frequency of publication bi-monthly
Sold edition 20,100 copies
Widespread edition 34,800 copies
Editor-in-chief Tina Schraml
editor Kassian A. Goukassian (Management)
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Books is a bimonthly literary journal from the Kiel-based falkemedia- Verlag. The editorial team consists of permanent and freelance authors. Tina Schraml has been the editor-in-chief since 2011.

Books was published by VVA Kommunikation GmbH every two months from November 2003 to September 2010, until it had to file for bankruptcy in June 2010. The magazine was initially discontinued until the falkemedia-Verlag took it over from the insolvency estate of the VVA publishing group.

Books wants to differentiate itself from features, culture magazines and the free advertising brochures of the book trade through independent evaluations and a wider range of topics. The magazine evaluates new publications in short reviews according to a point scheme from 0 to 5. Novels, crime novels, non-fiction books, children's and young people's books, audio books and literary adaptations are considered. According to the editors, around 250 book and audio book recommendations appear in each issue. Original contributions by writers complete the content.

Books provides an audio book for free downloading to accompany each issue .

According to a reader survey from March 2016 with 990 participants, according to the falkemedia-Verlag, the readers of the magazine are predominantly female (73 percent), educated and have a great interest in literature in both book and audio book form. Most readers are over 38 years old and have a medium to higher household income.

Sister magazines and special issues

The audiobook magazine is also published once a year by falkemedia-Verlag as a special issue containing, among other things, reviews of audiobooks, speaker portraits and background reports on the audiobook productions. As another special issue, falkemedia publishes the children's books magazine every year, which presents books, audio media, apps and games for children and young people from 3 to 16 years of age.

Books on the internet

The range of topics on the books website extends from current reviews from the editorial team and readers to a blog with various authors and news from the literature market. Visitors to the website can register for a regular newsletter. It is supplemented by a Facebook , Twitter and Instagram presence.

App offer

Books offers a kiosk app for iOS and Android platforms that provides current and past issues on the smartphone or tablet. According to the editorial team, new editions are available on average three days before the print edition. The magazines are available as single issues and as a digital subscription.

Circulation numbers

According to the company's own media data from January 1, 2016, the print run of the print edition in 2014 was 41,000 copies, the widespread circulation was 34,800 copies and the sold circulation was 20,100 copies. The number of subscribers is given as 11,700. The books are not IVW- checked.


  • 2003–2006: Christian Jürgens
  • 2006–2007: Konrad Lischka
  • 2008–2010: Walter Drechsel, Jens Poggenpohl
  • 2010–2011: Christian Blees
  • since 2011: Tina Schraml

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