Manuel Manilla

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Calavera Tapatia by Manuel Manilla

Manuel Manilla (* 1830 ; † 1895 ) was a Mexican cartoonist .


Manuel Manilla was born in Mexico City in 1830 and only began working as a graphic artist and engraver for the publisher Don Antonio Vanegas Arroyo at the age of 52 (1882) . Here he met José Guadalupe Posada , who also started work as a graphic artist there in 1892. Manilla retired that same year. In 1895 he died of typhus .


With his drawings of skeletons performing everyday activities, Manuel Manilla is considered the forerunner of his short-term work colleague José Guadalupe Posada . He drew his famous skeleton graphics mainly for sale on the Mexican Dia de los Muertos , the day of the dead , every November 2nd. Manuel Manilla's work probably comprised around 500 graphics, which also depicted fictional characters, street scenes and events from bullfighting , religion and magic . However, the majority of his works are considered lost. His main work and livelihood consisted in the graphic design of leaflets .

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