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T-pieces and terminating resistors in BNC technology
Differences between BNC connectors in 50 Ω and 75 Ω
A converter from 10BASE2 - Ethernet (back) with BNC connector to the RJ-45 connector variant (front right), which is still used today, for 10BASE-T back then .

Probably the most common coaxial connector design is the BNC connector ( Bayonet Neill Concelman ), named after the developers Paul Neill ( Bell Labs ) and Carl Concelman , were launched in the late 1940s as a downsized version of the C connector , based on a patent designed by Octavio Salati .

The interpretation of the abbreviation is controversial. Bayonet Nail Connector , Bayonet Navy Connector , British Naval Connector , Bayonet Nut Connector , Bayonet Naur Connector or Bayonet Norm Connector are also often mentioned .

BNC connectors are coaxial connectors with a bayonet lock for high frequencies up to about 1 GHz, sometimes up to 4  GHz , with a defined wave impedance of either 50 or 75 Ω.

The 50 and 75 ohm types can be plugged together. But there are also reverse types. They are mainly used in radio and video technology.

An early variant of Ethernet ( 10BASE2 ) used BNC T connectors in the 1980s and early 1990s and a bus topology that had to be provided with a 50-ohm BNC terminator at both ends.

BNC connectors with a characteristic impedance of 93 Ω were also produced as a special form for certain network applications ( ARCNET ).

BNC technology has also established itself for the transmission of weak direct currents, low-frequency alternating currents and pulses in laboratory operations, because the outer conductor shields electrical interference. The coaxial structure also offers protection against interference. For this reason, the connections to measuring devices such as an oscilloscope , frequency counter and function generator are usually made using BNC technology.

The connectors variant with threads instead of bayonet closure is under the name TNC connector out - T stands for threaded (engl. Threaded ).

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