Carl Concelman

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Carl Concelman, 1929

Carl W. Concelman (born December 23, 1912 - August 1975 ) was an American electrical engineer . He developed several coaxial connectors for high frequency applications .

Around 1942, while working for Amphenol Corporation , he invented the C connector to connect coaxial cables. In collaboration with Paul Neill from Bell Laboratories , he invented the BNC connector ( Bayonet Neill Concelman ), a connector for coaxial cables with a bayonet lock , in the late 1940s .

In the late 1950s he and Neill developed a modification, the TNC connector ( Threaded Neill Concelman ), as a variant that is secured with a thread instead of the bayonet lock. Thanks to the thread lock, the TNC connector can withstand higher vibration loads such as those that occur in vehicles.

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