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BRE stands for:

  • Basic Regular Expressions , POSIX standard for regular expressions
  • Bavarian Regional Railway , subsidiary of the German Regional Railway (DRE)
  • Berliner Rock Ensemble , Klaus Lage's first band
  • Bolschaja Rossijskaja Enziklopedija , Russian for Great Russian Encyclopedia
  • Fire smoke ventilation
  • BRE Bank , former name of mBank , a listed Polish bank based in Warsaw
  • Bremen ( DE BRE to UN / LOCODE )
  • Bremen Airport (Bremen Airport Hans Koschnick), Bremen airport is classified as an international airport for the IATA code
  • Brno-Rossitz Railway , a former private Austro-Hungarian privilege railway company, whose routes were in Moravia
  • Business Rule Engine , technical software component that executes business rules
  • Cruzeiro (currency) , in 1990 the Third Cruzeiro (Portuguese: Terceiro Cruzeiro) replaced the New Cruzado in a ratio of 1: 1, according to ISO code 4217 of the Brazilian currency valid from 1990 to 1993
  • Brittany (ISO-3166-2: FR code), French region

BrE stands for:

  • British English (British English; also BE for short), term for the varieties of the English language as spoken in the British Isles and used as a written language under the name British Standard English

Brè stands for:

  • Brè , former Swiss municipality, now part of Lugano

bre stands for:

  • Breton language , (Breton .: Brezhoneg), a Celtic language, language codes according to ISO-639-2 and 639-3

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