Balayan Bay

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Balayan Bay
Waters Isla Verde Street
Land mass Luzon
Geographical location 13 ° 50 ′  N , 120 ° 47 ′  E Coordinates: 13 ° 50 ′  N , 120 ° 47 ′  E
Balayan Bay (Philippines)
Balayan Bay
width approx. 30 km
depth approx. 25 km
surface 750 km²
Tributaries Pansipit

The Balayan Bay is an expansive sea ​​bay in the Batangas Province in the southwest of the island of Luzon , in the Philippines . It is a sea bulge in the north of the Isla Verde Strait and extends from the Calatagan Peninsula to the Calumpang Peninsula , on which the Panay volcano is located. The coastline of the Balayan Bay is determined by a mixture of mangrove forests , sandy beaches and up to 900 meters wide marshland that dry out at low tide . In front of the coastline are numerous coral reefs . Numerous aquacultures that breed a wide range of marine fauna have been established in the places along the coast in recent decades .

The climate in the area of ​​the Balayan Bay is tropical and humid with a pronounced dry season from November to April, the rest of the year there is regular heavy rainfall. The Balayan Bay was much larger until a series of eruptions of the Taal volcano in the 16th century and reached today's Taalsee . The Pansipit River today connects the lake with the bay.

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