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Egidio Mauri OP (born December 9, 1828 in Montefiascone , † March 13, 1896 in Ferrara ) was an Italian cardinal of the Roman Church .

Egidio Mauri


Giovanni Mauri - as his real name was called - received the sacrament of Confirmation on October 12, 1834 . At a young age he joined the Dominican Order , taking the name Egidio . Most recently, he received his master's degree in theology .

Egidio Mauri received in the September 24, 1853 Viterbo the priesthood . He then worked as a teacher at various monasteries of his order for around 13 years . At the same time he often held the office of the respective prior before he was elected Vicar General of his order in Florence in the late 1860s .

On December 22, 1871 Mauri was appointed Bishop of Rieti ; the episcopal ordination took place on January 14, 1872 in Viterbo. After 16 years in Rieti, Mauri became Bishop of Osimo and Cingoli on June 1, 1888 , who was promoted to Archbishop of the Archbishopric of Ferrara on June 12, 1893 .

In the consistory of May 18, 1894 Pope Leo XIII took. Mauri into the College of Cardinals on what he was to the May 21, 1894 cardinal's hat received and Cardinal Priest of the titular church of San Bartolomeo all'Isola was appointed. On December 2, 1895, Mauri changed his titular church and became cardinal priest of Santa Maria sopra Minerva .

Egidio Mauri died three months later at the age of 67. His tomb is in the Ferrara cemetery.

predecessor Office successor
Luigi Giordani Archbishop of Ferrara
Pietro Respighi
Michele Seri-Molini Bishop of Osimo and Cingoli
Giovanni Battista Scotti
Gaetano Carletti Bishop of Rieti
Carlo Bertuzzi

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